Sunday, March 8, 2015

Being Full Ready

Being full ready to wonder
Full willing to brave understanding
Yet never demanding a breath or an hour
Rejecting the power to drive senses under
I stand, though my urge is to cower.

The misted horizon is hidden
Wanderers like me bidden beyond it
Since day dawned it has whispered its chide
Pragmatics aside, no path is forbidden
Free in heart, no thought is denied.

I’ll press to the wind for blessings
And gratefully guard restless spirit
Without fear, it means nothing to finally find courage
Embracing the tears and the scars and their lessons
I’ll walk with unfaltering carriage.

A presence recalls a conception
A full resurrection of meaning
A single soul gleaning a kernel of will
From the chaff that ‘til now slowed perception
My awakening senses thrill.

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